About Us

Sali Arche Holdings is a leading business investment and development holding boutique based in Hong Kong and the Netherlands. We are committed to build different profitable business partnerships for the best economic growth for our clients/investors while offering investors exceptional investment opportunities in Hong Kong and beyond.

We offer our investors bespoke investment opportunities and we are always on the lookout for local investment opportunities that meet demands of our society and we also seeks opportunities in international markets, we create and maintain a diversified but well balanced portfolio to ensure the delivery of quick output as well as long-term returns.

Our Experience

Our extensive experience has strengthen our efficiency in building better and strong relationships with our investors and market leaders, and the wider general public. Our reputation for accomplishments, attracts the most pioneering and vibrant ventures in their sectors, and we ensure them maximum exposure to all contemporary consultations.

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Capital Raising:

Our Capital Raising efforts have redefined the financial landscape of big businesses, and have re-emphasized that how Sali Arche Holdings brings value through effective service.

Financial Advisory:

Our Investment Banking Division has vast breadth and depth of experience, best institutional knowledge and great track record in both domestic and the international capital markets advisory transactions.

Our Focus

Sali Arche Holdings’ top priority is to continuously meet and exceed our client’s expectations and needs through trusted and independent advice. Sali Arche Holdings works with both private and institutional type of clients.

With the knowledge and experience of our top-notch research analysts, our research publications are highly acknowledged to rank amongst the most accurate and detailed.

We believe that personal relationships are always the best key to how we identify client needs and their investment parameters. While this approach is necessary in today’s challenging investment environment, we believe that mutual benefit comes with close relationships. It is not rare to see Sali Arche Holdings alongside our clients, making our client relationships a true partnership.

IT Securities

As one of the Globe’s biggest and most dynamic venture firm, Sali Arche Holdings has developed deep expertise into our industries of focus: New Technologies in IT Sector and Energy Technology. Sali Arche Holdings has developed a premier IT franchise by servicing the growth of disruptive technologies and market leaders across several key sectors including consumer technology, enterprise mobility, electronics, virtualization, technology-enabled services, engineering resolutions and cloud computing.

With all above technologies it brings risk to IT sector investments, so we are fully prepared and well experienced to tackle all the risks comes up with our client’s investment share to make sure our client’s funds and secure and developing by time, at Sali Arche Holdings we take security issues as a serious matter.

Sali Arche Holdings seeks to achieve superior risk-adjusted returns through a process of fundamental, bottom-up analysis. We pursue multiple investment strategies on an opportunistic basis. We focus on Information Technologies Securities and Cyber Investment deeply. Each investment is evaluated independently on a fundamental basis. Sali Arche Holdings invests globally, focusing on developed and emerging markets. We make investments in private debt and public and equity securities, and direct investments in private companies.

Investment Research

Research is one of the top priority of our business value proposition as we always look to provide our clients, both internal and external, with in-depth knowledge, leadership and thoughts required for better investment decisions.

We help our clients with best investment decisions through the provision of different products:

  • Price List on Daily basis
  • Market intelligence on Daily basis
  • Updates on Corporate Action
  • Stock Recommendation on weekly basis.
  • Income Research
  • Broadcast on Periodical Earnings
  • Flash Review Notes related to Periodical Earnings
  • Tailored Investment Advisory
  • Flagship of the Annual publication
  • Reports on Exchange Rate, Interest rate, etc
  • Economic Commentary

Risk Analysis

Each day we receive work-related to Risk Analysis and Business Development. We help you in your any kind of risk examples: cyber attack, virus attack, hacking safety, etc and we do help you in your business development at our best we can do.

Cyber Projects with Investment Negotiations:

It includes Investment Negotiations which are established during investment and process planning stages and during significant transition periods. At these negotiations, If experts discuss plans to take the personal accident, property, liability, data, and transport risks into consideration in association to work site risks and risks connected to completed facilities and processes.

Loss Prevention Reports:

Loss Prevention statements holds down to earth and easy to understand information on how to correct the loss prevention level and counter losses from incurring.

We try to keep all our client’s safe from losses we think could come while investing in any new or up running entity.

Risk Surveys:

It is examinations of business and cyber interruption risks which assist in defining risk pricing and insurance solutions, as well as in issuing risk management recommendations. Also, the inter-dependency risk is evaluated and discussed in the reports and recommendations we provide.

Private Investment

The private investment scheme that pools funds from group of people/friends for investment in preferred asset class. It is aimed at appreciating steady investment. When a group of people/friends pool their funds together, their capital sum increases which means their interest rate subsequently follows this trend.


We provides professional management for all irrespective of the investment size and its convenient, easy and promotes financial security for funds invested. It is open ended and can be automated and safety of investment is assured. We can even customize it to meet specific needs.

How to Get Started:

To get started with it please fill in your contact details at our contact us form and you will be contacted by one of our financial advisers to discuss your investment goals. So we can agree on a suitable investment plan for you.

Targeted Investment Plan

The Targeted Investment Plan is an investment product which is specifically designed to enable people to plan, invest and have the money they needed to execute their projects.

It works best with a strategy mapped out according to customized details of each of the project.

We have some terms you should know about Targeted Investment Plan:

Target Investment Sum – It refers to the sum that will accrue to the investor.
Purpose to Invest – This is the target you will set to achieve. It could be the purchase of the construction of a office building, a major business expansion, etc.
Duration – This is the duration of the invested funds before the investor liquidates the investment sum for project execution.
Frequency of Investment – It refers to how often investor will contribute towards the investment. For instance Monthly, Quarterly, Biannually and annually.
Sum of Periodic Investment – That’s the amount investor is willing to invest per period

Cyber Investments:

At Sali Arche Holdings we are the leading multistage equity firm exclusively focused on cyber-security investments, providing top quartile returns by accelerating the success of our portfolio companies as they seize market opportunities to reduce the cyber-attack surface for governments, corporations, and individuals around the globe.

How to Invest

New investors can directly fill out the form from Contact Us page or you can also contact us at Info@saliarch-holdings.com for direct inquiry.

As soon as we received your query, You will be contacted by one of our investment management officer to discuss further for more details and to help you out with any difficulties you may find.

Why You Should Invest

Investment in any of the entity with our company you with be helped by an experienced team of fund managers.
Sali Arche Holdings offers you fully research driven and professional management of fund assets through out a defined strategy with visible and measurable benchmarks.
Our teams are always geared towards ensuring that an investor accomplishes his/her desired goals. With Sali Arche Holdings, adequate financial planning is guaranteed to each investor.
We provide you with competitive interest rates, so as to meet target investment sum within the stipulated investment period.

Why Choose Us

We assure you guaranteed interest on invested capital, with a flexible structure with variable investment tenor which is also cost effective.

If needed we can help you with customized plan to suit each investor’s needs with competitive return on invested amount, even we are open for negotiation on interest rates.

All the interest payments are backed thereby it helps to reduce investment risk and a good part it helps to build a savings habit.

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Terms and Conditions

Legal Info:

All the information contained in this website is not intended &  should not be used or construed as an offer to sell, or a solicitation of any offer to buy, securities of any fund or other investment product in any jurisdiction. No such offer or solicitation may be made prior to the delivery of definitive offering documentation. The information in this Website is not intended & should not be construed as Investment, Legal, Tax, Financial or other advice.

General Fund Risk Disclosure:

The funds described in this website (each, a “fund”) are not subject to the same regulatory requirements as mutual funds, including mutual fund requirements to provide certain periodic and standardized pricing and valuation information to investors. There are substantial risks in investing in a fund. Persons interested in investing in a fund should carefully note the following:

  • A fund represents a speculative investment and involves a high degree of risk. An investor could lose all or a substantial portion of his/her investment. Investors must have the financial ability, sophistication/experience & willingness to bear the risks of an investment in a fund.
  • An investment in a fund should be discretionary capital set aside strictly for speculative purposes.
  • An investment in a fund is not suitable or desirable for all investors. Only certain persons meeting certain additional eligibility criteria may invest in a fund.
  • A fund may employ leverage and other investment techniques, and such leverage & other investment techniques may result in increased volatility of the fund’s performance & increased risk of loss.
  • A fund may trade in commodities, futures & other derivatives, which may increase the risk of loss of the fund. Fund investments are illiquid & there are generally significant restrictions on transferring interests in a fund. There will likely be no secondary market for the interests of a fund.
  • A fund may have limited or no operating history.
  • The investment manager of a fund may have certain discretionary authority over the fund’s assets.
  • A fund may invest in a limited number of securities or instruments, which could result in a limited degree of diversification and higher risk.
  • A fund generally involves a complex tax structure, which should be reviewed carefully. A fund’s investment strategy may cause delays in important tax information being sent to investors.
  • The management fees of a fund’s investment manager may be substantial regardless of whether the fund has a positive return, and will offset the fund’s profits.
  • A fund is not required by regulators to provide periodic pricing or valuation information to investors.
  • There are likely to be a number of conflicts of interest or potential conflicts of interest in connection with an investment manager’s management of fund assets.

The above summary is not a complete list of the risks and other important disclosures involved in investing in funds. Before making any investment in a fund, investors are advised to thoroughly and carefully review offering documentation with their financial, legal and tax advisors to determine whether an investment is suitable.

By entering our Website, you acknowledge that you have read and Agree to these Terms & Conditions.

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